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IQPA recognizes the need to be able to use ponies of other breed types to help enhance the looks, size, & abilities of Quarter Ponies.  Therefore, NO INSPECTION IS REQUIRED if even ONE parent is registered with an approved breed registry. (IQPA, AQHA, APHA, ApHC, or POA).  This gives breeders the flexibility to cross on other recognized breeds without having to register all their breeding stock with IQPA.

Standard Registration Minimum Requirements

  • Ponies must exhibit good quarter type conformation & disposition desirable for breeding.
  • Ponies must be not be over 14.2H (58"), measured to the highest point of the withers.
  • Ponies with bloodlines, markings, or characteristics of Paint, or Appaloosa are all eligible under the same registration requirement guidelines but will receive a Division rating of  "Solid", "Paint", or "Appaloosa" depending upon their physical characteristics.
  • Ponies gaited or with gaited parents are not eligible for registration
  • Even though Hardship Registered ponies can come from any type of equine, Ponies qualifying for Standard Registration must have at least one parent registered with IQPA, AQHA, APHA, ApHC, or POA.   (We removed the need for an inspection if you have at least one approved parent.)

Standard Registration Process

Complete the Application for Registration. Select names choices based on the Naming Standards.   You will also need to determine the Color & Markings of your pony.  (Aussie ponies please click here.)

Submit 5 color pictures of the pony.  (Pictures can be sent digitally via email or burned to a CD.) 

See Pictures Hints Page for picture examples & instructions.

To determine if your pony should fall in Solid or Paint division, see the Qualifying White Standard.

All ponies having any of the appaloosa characteristics, will fall into the Appaloosa Pony Division.  If a paint & appaloosa crossed will result in a pony with both paint and appaloosa characteristics.  That is why we also have an "Other" Category.


IQPA also stands firmly behind our Genetics Defect Policy.  Be sure to check here before proceeding.


Be sure to include your membership number or send a QPA Membership Form with your Registration Application.  Without a membership, you will be charged a $15 additional fee per transaction.

Make your checks out to IQPA including any QPA membership fees.  We will take care of getting the money and Membership Form to QPA for you.  (Makes it faster to get your Registration papers done if we get the Membership Form here at IQPA.)

Hardship Registry

Hardship Registration is for ponies where both parents are either unknown or not with an approved registry.

To apply for hardship registration, your pony must be inspected by a QPA inspector.  You can either contact an inspector for an appointment or bring your pony to any QPA sanctioned event.  If there is not an inspector in your area, you can just submit the photos to the home office for inspection. 

After your pony is inspected, the inspector will note their findings on the Inspection Form and/or Registration Application.   Then just submit your information as outlined in the Standard Registration process.

If a pony does not pass the inspection ALL REGISTRATION FEES for that pony will be refunded!


Temporary Registry

Temporary Registration allows owners to get the papers on their colts, but we have to redo the papers once the pony reaches maturity to capture their changed physical characteristics.  This is not the same thing as verifying height. 

This is for ponies who qualify for Registration, but are less than 2 years of age.  Ponies registered Tentative become eligible for advancement to the Permanent Registry any time after they reach 2 years of age, but must be done before they can be used for breeding. To advance to permanent send the original Tentative Registration Certificate with the required current photographs, and height of pony.  (IQPA reserves the right to request an additional inspection before granting the request.)

 Breeding Stock Registry

All ponies or horses who would normally qualify for IQPA papers but are over 14.2H (58") are eligible for registration under the Breeding Stock Registry.    In the event of an already registered pony exceeding the height limit for Permanent Registry, owners are required to submit the original Certificate of Registration along with an accurate height measurement to the Registry and a new Breeding Stock Certificate will be issued.

Height Verification

Ponies that are shown, must be measured YEARLY and will receive a height card starting the year the pony turns 2 and continuing until the year the pony reaches 6 years of age.  At that time, the pony will be issued a permanent height card.  Height verification is required before a pony will be issued points.  This verification can be done by a vet, 4-H representative, or any IQPA/QPA officer or inspector. 

Ponies not used for showing only need to submit a photo of the pony being measured at 2 years of age and again at 6 years of age to verify height.  They will not receive a height card as it is not required for breeding ponies.

Exhibitors will be required to present this card at any QPA show.   Height verification can also be required at any point in time on a pony that is deemed questionable by IQPA or QPA officer. 


When ownership of a registered animal is transferred, the seller shall deliver to the buyer, the Certificate of Registration, together with a transfer form filled out in its entirety and signed by the seller. The buyer is required to submit the Transfer Form, original Certificate of Registration, & transfer fee within 90 days of the sale to become the recorded owner.  


Each applicant is responsible for statements of breeding. If breeder/owner knowingly falsifies any information on IQPA documentation, they will be suspended from IQPA and all registration certificates will be rescinded.


Type Requirements Lineage 2011 Fee
Standard Minimum At least one quarter-type registered parent $25 Member  $40 Non-Member
Hardship Minimum Parents unknown or not quarter-type registered $30 Member  $45 Non-Member
Temporary (Weanlings) Minimum minus height requirement At least one quarter-type registered parent $15 Member  $40 Non-Member
Temporary (Yearlings) Minimum minus height requirement At least one quarter-type registered parent $25 Member  $40 Non-Member
Breeding Stock Minimum minus height requirement At least one quarter-type registered parent $25 Member  $40 Non-Member


5+ ponies $5/ea. discount 

(Ponies must all be registered at the same time to receive this discount.)

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